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I am especially proud of the partnerships PIF has forged with many health care providers and community based service programs. These liaisons have proved invaluable establishing the South Los Angeles Coalition of Mental and Health Care Providers-SLA-CMHCP.




My purpose in being a Jegna (Healing Warrior) is to provide appropriate mental and health care services to the African American and Latino communities. The purpose and mission in being a Jegna is to foster and increase the awareness of those who live within Central and South Los Angeles, with information and services that would increase the quality of their lives. It is my responsibility in being a native born and raised in Los Angeles to not compromise the integrity and care for African American's and others that live within the community for personal gain. We must believe in Improving and ensure access for all African Americans - particularly the poor and underserved - to a range of health care services for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care for mental health and cancer patients as a public health issue affected by these morbidities.

I personally am committed to help all veteran's and their family members; to receive the appropriate care and referral services that helps them adjust and remain as a critical part of our society. To advocate for the veteran and their families, especially those veterans' who served in armed conflict!

  A Tribute to an ABPsi Ansetor